Re: FISH WINCH® works in Trinidad

Just wanted to let you guys know that the FISH WINCH® works in Trinidad too!!! Take a look at the Warsaw and
the Yellowedge that we got on our first trip with the “Winch”!  Also, after my Uncle saw
my reel, he also bought one….his name is Charles -------------- . His son Dayne got it
as he lives in NC…Anyway, the reels work great, and I can’t wait to use them again!


Two on one pull...used the FISH WINCH®...worked well.

(via Swansboro, NC)

Re:  Testimonial and fish pics

I attached my new FISH WINCH® to a Penn 6/0 loaded with 100lb braid and on my first trip
out landed three nice golden Tilefish up to 20 pounds! The 'winch ran all day on a 12V
"jump-box" and hauled up those Tiles along with 5lbs of lead from 900 feet with ease. The
unit was amazingly quiet, didn't heat up, and worked exactly as well as your site described.
Thanks again for a great product.

(Boynton Beach, FL)
Electric fishing reels - Florida Tilefish

Re:  More lovely fish

Just wanted to show you our most recent highlight fish...42lbs Yellowedge...we had a
great day last week, and again the motor performed flawlessly!! I am still impressed!

Here is the picture of the Yellowedge, and a 20lb Red Snapper! Hope you can use them
on the web site.

Best regards,

Re:  FISH WINCH® does it again!

I just can't say enough about my FISH WINCH®!  I've attached a picture of my "Labor Day" Gag Grouper to this
email.  We went out on the Navigator out of Calabash, it was our first trip on that boat. Jeter told the captain,
if they would put us on grouper, we'd catch them. This fish freight trained my bait, it fought
the entire way up! Too much fun!!! The look on the faces of the people around us was
great. The fish was fresh off the gaff when this picture was taken.  It weighed in right at
19lbs. and I won the pot :).

(Waxhaw, NC)

Pic #1: 91lb. Ahi (Yellowfin) caught with the FISH WINCH®.  
Pic #2: 154lb. Blue Marlin caught on your FISH WINCH®.

(Honaunau, HI)
Electric fishing reel - Gag grouper in Florida

38lb. Gag grouper caught in 200ft. of water. My FISH WINCH® saved the day. Everybody
hated me because I had the electric reel, now they all want one.

Thank you very much for your help.

(Riverview, FL)

We were fishing Thursday on the Vonda Kay and Capt. Dave put us on the grouper. Jeter wanted me to try the
Precision reel, but after one stop, I pulled the plug on it, it was like fishing behind a jetski, it was loud and more
times that I can count, pulled the hook. I switched out to my FISH WINCH®, you should
have seen the big ol' smile on Capt. Dave's face and I caught my first big gag  - 18lbs!
I won the pot and beat out the "grouper pros"!  Your reel is awesome and I will not fish
with anything else!!!  

Happy fishing!!  

(Waxhaw, NC)


It's been a while since I got the FISH WINCH® and I wanted to share this with you.

We went out yesterday to bottom fish for Opakapaka (Pink Snapper) and Uku (Gray Snapper). My brother had his
$1800 dollar Elec-tra-mate. Well to tell you the truth we were impressed with the FISH WINCH®. We dropped 4lb.
weights 70 fathoms and at the end of the day had two 150 quart coolers full. They were between 3lbs-15lbs and a
lot of doubles. The FISH WINCH® paid for itself the first time out!

(Kona, HI)
Electric fishing reels - Wahoo


Here are some pictures of fish caught with the FISH WINCH® to add to your gallery.


First let me tell you, since you send me the FISH WINCH®, I have used the equipment on several occasions and
love it. I fished grouper, red snapper, etc. My friends love it too.

By the way, do you have an equipment for a Shimano TLD 25, if you do, please send me a quotation.

(Carolina, Puerto Rico)

Re:  First use of the FISH WINCH® - 32 "Besugos" caught in the Straits of Gibraltar in 2.5 hours at 600 feet.

For your info I went fishing with my brother-in-law yesterday and we were fishing at 600 feet - maybe more - and
we brought up 32 fish called "Besugos" in Spanish, very popular with the wife because she loves them and to buy
they are very expensive. We had a brilliant day out and not too tired.  With 6 hooks I came up twice with 4 fish...
without the FISH WINCH® I would have been dead!

Thanks and Regards,

I just bought & received from you (2) FISH WINCH® electric fishing reels. I am very happy with the product
& have used both the drives on 6/0 & 9/0 Penn Senator reels loaded with spectra braid line (100lb.) rigged
on Pinnacle Marine Outfitters 60/80 STX rods for deep drop bottom fishing & trolling off Bermuda already.

I have caught deep water Red Snapper (depths over 2000') with no problems whatsoever.  The drives have
amazing pulling power. I have also caught wahoo over 45lb. while trolling and quite honestly they didn't stand
a chance with the torque of the FISH WINCH® muscling them to the boat in a very short time.

(Sandys Parish, Bermuda)

My new FISH WINCH® worked flawless! Heres a picture of our catch on 9/29/2012 in 800ft depth, half a mile off
the west coast of the island of St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. We caught 18 queens. Also in the mix was 1 sea bass,
10 silks, 4 yelloweyes, and 1 shortjaw lizardfish (who will become bait on the next trip). Total fishing time was 5
hours. Thanks again!

(US Virgin Islands)
Electric fishing reels - Gag grouper 2010

It’s been a while since I got my FISH WINCH® but I have now done a fair bit of fishing with it and
caught some great fish. Some pictures attached.

The first 2 pics are Blue Eye Trevalla, delicious! The third is Blue Grenadier or Hoki (nice eating
but a little soft). The fourth are "Rays Bream". Good eating and we were pulling 4 at a time (got
32 from about 400m deep).

(Tasmania, Australia)

Your FISH WINCH® has worked out great for me!  I've caught at least 50 to 60 deep drop fish on this, fishing 360ft
to 600ft of water. I've also been using this as my back-up kite reel, again with no issues.

(Pompano Beach, FL)

Caught from depths over 1000 feet...a few pounds of lead was no sweat along with the
fighting "chicken heads" on the rig. The motors didn't dent the single car battery we ran
them off of all day. The value of being able to have a conversation, while reeling in two
rods simultaneously, is alone worth the purchase of your product.

(South Padre Island, TX)
(Click to enlarge)
Electric fishing reels - Blue Grenadier
(Click to enlarge)
(Click to enlarge)
Electric fishing reels - Double Red Grouper
(Click to enlarge)
Electric fishing reels - 42lb Yellowedge in Trinidad
(Click to enlarge)
(Click to enlarge)
Electric Fishing Reels - 91lb Ahi Yellowfin Tuna
Electric Fishing Reels - Grouper
Electric fishing reels - Warsaw Grouper in Trinidad
(Click to enlarge)

Re: Hogfish!

Just a quick email with pictures of the last two fish (big) I caught. The hog fish was on the Vonda
Kay and the grouper was on the Queen Jean out of Topsail. The grouper was caught two weeks
ago...that was a great fight!

Happy Fishing!

(Topsail Beach, NC)
Electric fishing reels - Hog Snapper on the Vonda Kay

71 pound Warsaw Grouper at 300 feet caught with the FISH WINCH®!!!!  

(Slidell, LA)
(Click to enlarge)
(Click to enlarge)
(Click to enlarge)

Re: FISH WINCH® comments

Attached are a few pictures from my last 2 trips using the FISH WINCH®. Some of the
striped bass out here are monsters and I’m really happy with the performance of the
FISH WINCH®. That thing just keeps cranking and there is no chance the wire is gonna
break so it works very efficiently.

All the best,
(S. Dennis, MA)
Electric fishing reel - Striped Bass
Electric fishing reels - 71lb Warsaw grouper

Ole FISH WINCH® working good.

(Wrightsville Beach, NC)
electric fishing reels - commercial king mackerel
(Click to enlarge)
Please email your FISH WINCH® story to fish@fishwinch.com!

Another successful but short halibut season. The lions share of a great day on the
Washington coast. Couldn't have done it without the FISH WINCH®.

(La Push, WA)
electric fishing reels - Washington Halibut
(Click to enlarge)
(Click to enlarge)
(Click to enlarge)

Happy New Year!   

Wanted to share a picture from our December 2015 trip on the Vonda Kay!

(Wrightsville Beach, NC)
Electric fishing reel for Grouper
(Click to enlarge)

Re: FISH WINCH® in Mauritius

The FISH WINCH® has been received and was baptized this weekend. I thought you might want
to have a few pics from Mauritius.

As you can see, we caught a huge Ruby Snapper aboard the “Chilipoint Too” as well as quiet a
few other fish. We only had a 50lb scale on board so not able to get a weight but well over 50lbs!

Many Thanks and Best Regards,
electric fishing reels - Mauritius
(Click to enlarge)
(Click to enlarge)
(Click to enlarge)
Electric fishing reel - Bunch of Tilefish

FISH WINCH® works great on the Tiagra 50WLRS.

95lb Malabar Grouper/Cod at 490ft depth.
Coral Bay Western Australia (approx 1000km north of Perth).

Chris & Naomi
(Perth, Western Australia)
(Click to enlarge)
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Your service was wonderful. Ordered Wednesday morning, arrived friday noon, caught
fish Sunday halibut opener. The last halibut weighs 40#, worked great. We were fishing
in 600 ft water. Can't weight to use it on tuna.

Thank you,

(Oakville, WA)
commercial electric fishing reel drives
electric fishing reels - 40lb halibut
(Click to enlarge)

Tested it (FISH WINCH®) out in Bahamas yesterday, worked perfect deep drop and high speed troll, now I need to
setup another one.

electric fishing reels

Caught the first two wahoos with the 9/0 and FISH WINCH® with mono line trolling at 14 knots...Very happy. One
was 27 pounds and the other 12. Cheers.

(Cayman Islands)
electric fishing reels
electric fishing reels - malabar grouper