Hey Ryan,

Just wanted to let you guys know that the FISH WINCH® works in Trinidad too!!! Take a look at the Warsaw and
the Yellowedge that we got on our first trip with the “Winch”!  Also, after my Uncle saw
my reel, he also bought one….his name is Charles -------------- .His son Dayne got it
as he lives in NC…Anyway, the reels work great, and I can’t wait to use them again!

Electric fishing reel
Electric fishing reels
Electric fishing reels
Electric fishing reels

Two on one pull...used the FISH WINCH®...worked well.

(via Swansboro, NC)
Electric fishing reel

Re:  Testimonial and fish pics

I attached my new FISH WINCH® to a Penn 6/0 loaded with 100lb braid and on my first trip
out landed three nice golden Tilefish up to 20 pounds! The 'winch ran all day on a 12V out
landed three nice golden Tilefish up to 20 pounds! The 'winch ran all day on a 12V
"jump-box" and hauled up those Tiles along with 5lbs of lead from 900 feet with ease. The
unit was amazingly quiet, didn't heat up, and worked exactly as well as your site described.
I'm impressed and will be contacting you to order another one soon.

Thanks again for a great product.

(Boynton Beach, FL)
Electric fishing reels - Tile
Electric fishing reels

"For the money, and more importantly for the performance, it (FISH WINCH®) can not be beat. I have used it two
years now on Cod with multiple 30lbs on at 300ft for hours on end and as long as your reel can take it, it works
great. It is also a lot less noisy than some of the other brands that you can hear from 50 yards away in the fleet."

Electric fishing reel

"I use a Penn 114H with a bolt on motor from FishWinch.com, I was able to get close to 1500 yards of 100# test
braid on it. Works great so far. Lots of torque and absolutely silent operation..."

Electric fishing reels

Re:  More lovely fish

Just wanted to show you our most recent highlight fish...42lbs Yellowedge...we had a
great day last week, and again the motor performed flawlessly!! I am still impressed!

Here is the picture of the Yellowedge, and a 20lb Red Snapper! Hope you can use them
on the web site.

Best regards,
Electric fishing reel

Re:  FISH WINCH® does it again!

I just can't say enough about my FISH WINCH®!  I've attached a picture of my "Labor Day" Gag Grouper to this
email.  We went out on the Navigator out of Calabash, it was our first trip on that boat.  Jeter told the captain,
if they would put us on grouper, we'd catch them. This fish freight trained my bait, it fought the entire way up!  
Too much fun!!! The look on the faces of the people around us was great. The fish
was fresh off the gaff when this picture was taken.  It weighed in right at 19lbs. and I
won the pot :)

(Waxhaw, NC)
Electric fishing reels

Here are a couple pictures of fish caught with the FISH WINCH®:

Pic #1: 91lb. Ahi (Yellowfin) caught with the FISH WINCH®.  
Pic #2: 154lb. Blue Marlin caught on your FISH WINCH®.

(Honaunau, HI)
Electric fishing reel

"Just before sunset I caught my biggest Gag, 20 lb. Fought like a man it did, but the FISH WINCH® put the hurt on
it...Next drop hooked up again with something big, another Gag, this time 15 lb. Just after sunset and last drop
before anchoring, I hooked something big again...My buddies said shark. Another man said another big grouper.
They were all wrong. I got the better of the "thing" and the FISH WINCH® did it's job and put that fish on the
surface. Turned out to be a 50lb Amberjack..."

Electric fishing reels

"I've got two of the FISH WINCH®'s. They have plenty of power but I have never fished with any other electrics so
I can't compare speeds. FISH WINCH® also has twice as long of a warranty as the others. I bought the two I have
in December and have never had any trouble with them. I have used them for deep droppping 2 or 3 times but
they are used mostly by my father and other people that can't handle the all day reeling of bottom fishing in
200'-300'. I have no complaints about my two. They work fine."

Electric fishing reel
Electric fishing reels

"How do you like the FISH WINCH®? I have almost exact same set-up, but haven't been deep to use it yet. Did it
do as well as the other electric?"

"It works good. Jimmy's was a little faster, but it did its job! It is strong, and quiet."

Electric fishing reels

"Was wondering has anyone used a FISH WINCH® before? Was looking into doing some deep dropping without
spending a bunch of cash. Thanks."

"I've got two of them. Bought one for my father because it makes him sore fishing in the deeper water. He loved it
so I bought another. I've probablly got 15 trips on them so far and no problems. I don't have anything but good to
say about em. They have a really good warranty on them also."

Electric fishing reel

"I bottom fish with a 6/0 Penn with a FISH WINCH® electric motor spooled with 80# braid. With the drag hammered
down, and layin the reel on the rail of the headboat i was fishin on, I turned a 8' shark with it. Thought sure the
Star all roller rod was gonna break. What happened is the dang little electric dang near pulled me over because it
refused to stall. Result was that shark pulled out bout ten feet of drag and was stopped in it's tracks. Gave me a
newer healthy respect for this outfit."

Electric fishing reel
Electric fishing reel - Gag grouper

38lb. Gag grouper caught in 200ft. of water. My FISH WINCH® saved the day. Everybody
hated me because I had the electric reel, now they all want one.

Thank you very much for your help.

(Riverview, FL)
Electric fishing reels

"We have the #3 FISH WINCH® ever put into production and it has seen its fair share of use. I have a brand
new "big name fancy dancy" electric reel attached to a 6/0 and once I sell that I am moving into another two
FISH WINCH®'s myself."

Electric fishing reels

"Check out FISH WINCH® on the internet. They are stronger and cost much less than a mate you are looking for."

Electric fishing reel

"Was at a seminar @ Pawleys Island Outdoor, someone brought out an Electramate and the FISH WINCH®. The
Electramate was really noisy and had decent torque while the FISH WINCH® was quiet and had some real torque."

Electric fishing reels


I had to email you. Jeter and me were fishing Thursday on the Vonda Kay. Capt. Dave put us on the grouper
holes, the boat ended up with 20 gags!  We knew Capt Dave was going to target grouper holes, Jeter wanted
me to try the Precision reel, but after one stop, I pulled the plug on it, it was like fishing behind a jetski, it was
loud and more times that I can count, pulled the hook.  I switched out to my FISH WINCH®, you should have
seen the big ol' smile on Capt Dave's face and I caught my first big gag  - 18lbs!!!  I won the pot and beat out
the "grouper pros"!  They even dubbed me Grouper Queen!!!  Your reel is awesome
and I will not fish with anything else!!!  

Happy fishing!!  

(Waxhaw, NC)
Electric fishing reel

"I jig cod and hadddock, this setup (FISH WINCH®) is an american made very well constructed unit. It can retrieve
a kite that has crashed and sunk or pull a 50lb fish to the boat from 300' with ease."

Electric fishing reels

Aloha Ryan,

It's been a while since I got the FISH WINCH® and I wanted to share this with you.

We went out yesterday to bottom fish for Opakapaka (Pink Snapper) and Uku (Gray Snapper). My brother had his
$1800 dollar Elec-tra-mate. Well to tell you the truth we were impressed with the FISH WINCH®. We dropped 4lb.
weights 70 fathoms and at the end of the day had two 150 quart coolers full. The FISH WINCH® was a little slower,
but steady while lifting fighting fish. They were between 3lbs-15lbs and a lot of doubles. The FISH WINCH® paid for
itself the first time out!

(Kona, Hawaii)
Electric fishing reel

"Check these guys out...www.FishWinch.com. I bought two to fly my kites and they work great. I find most deep
drop reels to have way to fast of a retrieve for kites and these mated with a 113H are perfect.  Also a ---- good
price for brand new stuff with a warranty."

Electric fishing reels

"This is what I use the FISH WINCH® works great $299.00"

Electric fishing reel
Electric reels - Wahoo

Hi Ryan,

Here are some pictures of fish caught with the FISH WINCH® to add to your gallery.

(Guadeloupe - Eastern Caribbean)
Electric fishing reels

"Are you looking for reels to send out your kite attached to the bridle? If so, get in touch with Ryan over at
FISH WINCH® and put an old 4/0 on it and be done."

Electric fishing reel

Thanks for a really great product!

Capt. Eric Heiden
(Pawleys Island, SC)
Electric fishing reels

Had another fairly good day bottom fishing with my son Zach. Late start again…but anyway, fish were hungry
out there, chewing about anything frozen we put down. Mostly fished the 21 bottom area or a little deeper.  

I was cheating a little - used my new FISH WINCH® electric reel and I love it.

Ended the day with 1 Red Grouper, 1 Red Snapper, 10 Beeliners, 2 Triggers, 2 Porgies and a couple Seabass.

(Starke, FL)
Electric reel

First let me tell you, since you send me the FISH WINCH®, I have used the equipment on several occasions and
love it. I fished grouper, red snapper, etc. My friends love it too.

By the way, do you have an equipment for a Shimano TLD 25, if you do, please send me a quotation.

(Carolina, Puerto Rico)
Electric reels

"Go with the FISH WINCH® on a 113HSP as it is the lightest and easiest to drop wire out with. Precision is next in
line but a lot more $$ and not near the warranty."

Electric fishing reel

Re:  First use of the FISH WINCH® - 32 "Besugos" caught in the Straits of Gibraltar in 2.5 hours at 600 feet.

For your info I went fishing with my brother-in-law yesterday and we were fishing at 600 feet - maybe more - and
we brought up 32 fish called "Besugos" in Spanish, very popular with the wife because she loves them and to buy
they are very expensive. We had a brilliant day out and not too tired.  With 6 hooks I came up twice with 4 fish...
without the FISH WINCH® I would have been dead!

Thanks and Regards,
Electric fishing reels

I just bought & received from you (2) FISH WINCH® electric fishing reels. I am very happy with the product
& have used both the drives on 6/0 & 9/0 Penn Senator reels loaded with spectra braid line (100lb.) rigged
on Pinnacle Marine Outfitters 60/80 STX rods for deep drop bottom fishing & trolling off Bermuda already.

I have caught deep water Red Snapper (depths over 2000') with no problems whatsoever.  The drives have
amazing pulling power & stayed cool to the touch (not like other drives I have used). I have also caught wahoo
over 45lb. while trolling and quite honestly they didn't stand a chance with the torque of the FISH WINCH®
muscling them to the boat in a very short time.

The FISH WINCH® is the very best drive I have ever used and I have been fishing in Bermuda for over 48 years
(with many more to go I hope).  Thanks for designing and developing a great product for the fisherman who like to
catch fish.

(Sandys Parish, Bermuda)
Electric fishing reel
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Electric fishing reels

"I have two (FISH WINCH®) on 6/0's. Would not hesitate to buy another. Had em for a couple years and never had
the first problem.  Well worth the price."

Electric fishing reel

Hello Ryan...thanks for a great product at an unbeatable price!! The 2 FISH WINCH® units on Penn 114H2's work
flawless! Heres a picture of our catch on 9/29/2012 in 800ft depth, half a mile off the west coast of the island of St.
Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. We caught 18 queens. Also in the mix was 1 sea bass, 10 silks, 4 yelloweyes, and 1
shortjaw lizardfish (who will become bait on the next trip). Total fishing time was 5 hours. Thanks again!

(US Virgin Islands)
Electric fishing reels
Electric fishing reels - Gag grouper

"I have two of them (FISH WINCH®) and love them. Guess they are a couple years old now and never had a
problem. They are bullet proof and strong, strong, strong..."

"They are strong enough that even when drag is being pulled on a 6/0 reel, the FISH WINCH® motor just keeps
on turning. I've caught sharks over 100lbs while deep dropping and the FISH WINCH® never had a problem."

Electric reel

It’s been a while since I got my FISH WINCH® but I have now done a fair bit of fishing with it and
caught some great fish. Some pictures attached.

The first 2 pics are Blue Eye Trevalla, delicious! The third is Blue Grenadier or Hoki (nice eating
but a little soft). The fourth are "Rays Bream". Good eating and we were pulling 4 at a time (got
32 from about 400m deep).

(Tasmania, Australia)
Electric fishing reel

Your FISH WINCH® has worked out great for me!  I've caught at least 50 to 60 deep drop fish on this, fishing 360ft
to 600ft of water. I've also been using this as my back-up kite reel, again with no issues.

(Pompano Beach, FL)

"After running a charter boat for over 20 years, I've seen all the electric reels there are. Most are annoyingly loud
and expensive. But there is a God. The best electric made bar none is the made by FishWinch.com. You cannot
hear it running, it's simple and cheaper than all the rest...All you hear is the reel clicking..."

"The FISH WINCH® is very nice, every aspect of it! Quality, price, warranty, function."

Electric reel
Electric reel

We finally ventured out for tilefish. Fishing in 800-1500 feet of water we scored big
indeed! The FISH WINCH® had no trouble bringing up multiple Texas-sized tilefish
from depths over 1000 feet. A few pounds of lead was no sweat along with the fighting
"chicken heads" on the rig. The motors didn't dent the single car battery we ran them
off of all day. The value of being able to have a conversation, while reeling in two rods
simultaneously, is alone worth the purchase of your product.

(South Padre Island, Texas)
Electric fishing reel
(Click to enlarge)
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Electric fishing reel - Blue Grenadier
(Click to enlarge)
Electric fishing reel - Tilefish
(Click to enlarge)
Electric fishing reel - Double Red Grouper
(Click to enlarge)
Electric fishing reels - 42lb Yellowedge
(Click to enlarge)
(Click to enlarge)
Electric Fishing Reels - 91lb. Ahi
Electric Fishing Reels - Kathy's Gag Grouper
(Click to enlarge)
Warsaw Grouper - FISH WINCH Electric reels
(Click to enlarge)

"I love it when a plan comes together - Took advantage of the great conditions to fish
wide of South Passage Bar searching new ground for deepwater species...Managed
the Blue Eye Trevalla in the photo from 450m. Reel is a 114H Penn with a FISH WINCH®
drive, rod is a Wilsons glass 24-37 stroker..."

Electric fishing reel
(Click to enlarge)
Electric fishing reel
Electric reel

Re: Hogfish!

Just a quick email with pictures of the last two fish (big) I caught. The hog fish was on the Vonda
Kay and the grouper was on the Queen Jean out of Topsail. The grouper was caught two weeks
ago...that was a great fight!

Happy Fishing!

(North Carolina)
(Click to enlarge)

71 pound Warsaw Grouper at 300 feet caught with the FISH WINCH®!!!!  

(Slidell, LA)
(Click to enlarge)
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(Click to enlarge)

Re: FISH WINCH® comments

Attached are a few pictures from my last 2 trips using the FISH WINCH®. Some of the striped bass out here are
monsters and I’m really happy with the performance of the FISH WINCH®. That thing just keeps cranking and
there is no chance the wire is gonna break so it works very efficiently.

Feel free to use my comments and pictures on your website. You make a great product
and I'm happy to show others what the FISH WINCH® can do.

All the best,
(S. Dennis, Massachusetts)
Electric fishing reel - Striped Bass
(Click to enlarge)
Electric reel
(910) 470-2888
Electric fishing reel - 71lb Warsaw grouper
Electric fishing reel
Electric fishing reel
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Electric reel
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Electric reels
Electric reel
Electric fishing reel

Ole FISH WINCH® working good.

(Wrightsville Beach, NC)
electric fishing reels
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Please email your FISH WINCH® story to fish@fishwinch.com!
Electric fishing reels
Electric fishing reels


Another successful but short halibut season. The
lions share of a great day on the
Washington coast. Couldn't have done it without the FISH WINCH®.
Electric reel
(Click to enlarge)