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Electric fishing reel motor attached to a Penn International 50VW
Electric motor for Shimano TLD30II & TLD50II
FISH WINCH® 2.0 electric fishing reel.
Electric motor for Shimano Tyrnos 50
Electric fishing motor for Penn 3/0, 4/0, 6/0, & 9/0.

Shimano TI50
Shimano TI50A
Shimano TI50W
Shimano TI50WA
Shimano TI50WLRS
Shimano TI50WLRSA

Shimano Tiagra 50

Okiaya PN 50W-II


* Price includes complete FISH WINCH® 2.0 unit *

* Price does not include reel *

FISH WINCH® 2.0 catching Red Snapper

Penn FTH40LW
Penn FTH60LW



Penn RIV30LW

Penn RVL30LW
Penn SQL30LW


Penn SQL50LW

Penn WAR30LW

Penn Fathom

FISH WINCH® 2.0 electric reel drives are 35% faster with 100% more torque than our original FISH WINCH® model. They convert 158 different Penn, Shimano, Daiwa, Avet, & other reels into powerful electric reels with retrieve speeds of 314-532 feet per minute. This is a recreational model suitable for bottom fishing or deep dropping for grouper, snapper, tilefish, etc. Our motors come with the industry's longest warranty (3yr Mechanical/1yr Electrical). See below for more...

Question? See our FAQ below, email us, use our Contact Form, or call (910) 470-2888.

Unit #1 fits:

Shimano TLD20
Shimano TLD25

Shimano TYR50LRS

Shimano Tyrnos 50

Penn 114
Penn 114H
Penn 114HL
Penn 114HLW
Penn 114HSP
Penn 115
Penn 115L
Penn 6/0
Penn 6/0 (Red)
Penn 9/0
Penn 10KG
Penn 15KG
Penn 24KG

Penn GLD20II
Penn GLD30II
Penn GLD50II
Penn Intl 20VISX
Penn Intl 20VISXS
Penn Intl 30S
Penn Intl 30VISW
Penn Intl 30VISWS
Penn Intl 30VISX
Penn Intl 30VISXS
Penn Intl 30VSW
Penn Intl 30VSWS
Penn Intl 30VSX
Penn Intl 30VSXS
Penn Intl 50VISW
Penn Intl 50VISWS
Penn Intl 50VISX
Penn Intl 50VISXS
Penn Intl 50VSW
Penn Intl 50VSWS
Penn Intl 50VSX
Penn Intl 50VSXS


Penn Senator

FISH WINCH 2.0 logo

- 2.0 -

Unit #4 fits:

Unit #2 fits:

Unit #3 fits:

Unit #5 fits:

Unit #6 fits:

Unit #7 fits:

Penn 10LD
Penn 15LD

Penn GLD20
Penn GLD30
Penn Intl 20
Penn Intl 20T
Penn Intl 30
Penn Intl 30SW
Penn Intl 30T
Penn Intl 30TW
Penn Intl 30VIW
Penn Intl 30VIWS
Penn Intl 30VW
Penn Intl 30VWS
Penn Intl 50
Penn Intl 50S
Penn Intl 50SW
Penn Intl 50T
Penn Intl 50TW
Penn Intl 50VIW
Penn Intl 50VIWS
Penn Intl 50VW
Penn Intl 50VWS
Penn Intl 50W

Penn International

Unit #10 fits:

Penn 113H
Penn 113HL
Penn 113HLW
Penn 113HSP
Penn 320GT
Penn 320GTi
Penn 320GT2
Penn 320GT2LC
Penn 330GT
Penn 330GTi
Penn 330GT2

Penn 340GT
Penn 340GTi
Penn 340GT2
Penn 345GT
Penn 345GTi
Penn 345GT2

Penn 4/0 (Red)

Avet EX 30/2
Avet EX 30/3
Avet EXW 30/2
Avet EXW 30/3
Avet EX 50/2
Avet EX 50/3
Avet EXW 50/2
Avet EXW 50/3
Avet T-RX 50/2

Avet T-RXW 50/2

Daiwa Sealine

Daiwa 600H

Daiwa 610*

Daiwa 900H

Daiwa 910*

Canyon EX-30

Canyon EX-50

Eat My Tackle
EMT R-30


EMT R-50


Gomexus HX-30
Gomexus HX-50

Opass BG30W
Opass BG50W

Shimano Tyrnos 50

Shimano TLD20II
Shimano TLD20IIA
Shimano TLD30II
Shimano TLD30IIA

Shimano TLD50II
Shimano TLD50IIA
Shimano TLD50IILRS
Shimano TLD50

Shimano TYR50IILRS

Unit #8 fits:

Unit #9 fits:

Shimano TEK700
Shimano TEK700LC
Shimano TEK800
Shimano TEK800LC

Shimano Tekota

Penn 113H2

Penn 113H2LW

Penn 113H2SP

Penn 114H2
Penn 114H2LW
Penn 114H2SP
Penn 114L2
Penn 115L2
Penn SQL40LD
Penn SQL50LD
Penn SQL60LD

Penn Squall

Daiwa 400H
Daiwa 400HW
Daiwa 450H
Daiwa 450HW

Triton Trolling 50

Shimano TT50

Shimano TT50W


  • Warranty (3 Year Mechanical / 1 Year Electrical)

  • 304 Stainless Steel (Driveshaft, Bracket, Screws)

  • Toggle Switch (with Continuous-On)

  • 10' Power Cord (Custom lengths available)

  • Alligator Clips (Terminal Rings - optional)

  • Geared Drive System (Quiet)

  • Very Powerful

  • Quick & Easy Installation

  • 12 Volt DC

  • Fits 158 reels (Penn, Shimano, Daiwa, Avet, others)

  • Mounting Kits
    One (1) per Unit (Included)

        Additional kits $29.00 - $49.00

  • Power Cord Connection
    Alligator Clips (Included) 

       Terminal Rings (Optional)

  • Power Cord

       10' (Included)
       Custom lengths available

  • Voltage
    12V (Standard)

        24V (Not Available)

FISH WINCH® 2.0 + Penn International 50TW

Question? See our FAQ below, email us, use our Contact Form, or call (910) 470-2888.

Matthew 4:19 - Jesus said to them, "Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men."

Why does FISH WINCH® offer a much longer warranty than the other brands?
Our electrical warranty is up to 4 times longer than the other brands and our mechanical warranty is 3 times longer than any of our competitors. We build dependable long-lasting products and our superior warranty reflects this.

What kind of power switch does a FISH WINCH® 2.0 have?
FISH WINCH® 2.0 uses a waterproof toggle switch with "continuous-on" and "off" positions.

What power source can I use with FISH WINCH® 2.0 electric fishing reels?
Portable jump starters (jump boxes) are a popular option. Some people like lawnmower or motorcycle batteries due to size, weight, and cost. A car or boat battery is also a good choice.

How do I attach a FISH WINCH® 2.0 to my reel?
Installation of a 
FISH WINCH® 2.0 is quick and easy (5-7 minutes). First, remove the handle from your reel (2-speed reels should be in high gear). Remove the 2 screws located at 5:00 & 7:00 (most reels) found on the outer ring/edge of the reel. Thread the driveshaft of the FISH WINCH® directly into/onto your reel where the handle was previously attached. Replace the 2 screws removed earlier with the longer screws provided.  

What kind of power cord comes with a FISH WINCH® 2.0?
FISH WINCH® 2.0 comes standard with a 10' power cord. Custom length power cords are available for an additional cost.

Don't see your question here?
email us, use our Contact Form, or call (910) 470-2888.

Harness Lug Handle by FISH WINCH®


- Commercial -


- Lug Handles-


- Professional -

Amberjack caught with an electric reel
Electric swordfish reel


* Price includes complete FISH WINCH® 2.0 unit - Price does not include reel *

* Clearance Section *

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