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FISH WINCH® disabled handicapped fishing
One handed electric fishing reels



FISH WINCH® 2500 adaptive fishing reel drives for spinning reels along with the Shimano Quick Fire II trigger system allow for true one-handed casting & retrieving. FISH WINCH® 2500 electric spinning reel drives are cordless, easy to use, weigh only 6.1oz (including 9V lithium battery), and are available in 2 retrieve speeds. The are great for bass, walleye, trout, etc. Our electric fishing reel is well suited for those with use of only one hand or one arm as well as the physically challenged, disabled, handicapped, or amputee.

Question? See our FAQ below, email us, use our Contact Form, or call (910) 470-2888.

  • Weight - 6.1oz (Including 9V Lithium Battery)

  • Total Weight - 14.1oz (Including Reel) 

  • Cordless

  • One-Handed Casting & Retrieving

  • Compact & Lightweight

  • Easy to use

  • Very Quiet

  • Power Button (Soft Touch)

  • 2 Models (2 Different Retrieve Speeds)

  • Warranty (1 Year)

Syncopate SC2500FG

6/200  8/140  10/120

10/170  15/145  30/95


Quick Fire II Trigger

* Price includes Shimano Syncopate 2500 reel - battery not included *

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Question? See our FAQ below, email us, use our Contact Form, or call (910) 470-2888.

What type of 9V battery do you recommend for FISH WINCH® electric spinning reels?

Lithium, lithium, or lithium - Lithium 9V batteries are the only recommended battery and are required for maximum performance. 

What brand of battery is recommended for FISH WINCH® electric spinning reels?

Energizer Ultimate Lithium 9V batteries work the best and are readily available at most stores.

How long will a lithium 9V battery last?

An Energizer Ultimate Lithium 9V battery provides an average of 240 minutes of total no-load run time. Using 240 minutes, and assuming 1 minute per lure retrieval for artificial lures, the battery should provide an average of 240 lure retrievals. If float (bobber) fishing and using 3 minutes per fish then the battery should last an average of 80 fish. Different variables (size of fish, lure type, casting distance, water current, etc.) will affect these estimates.


Why do you only recommend lithium batteries?
Most importantly, a lithium battery will supply full power to your reel until the battery is completely drained. An alkaline battery will gradually supply less power as it weakens and your electric reel will gradually get slower and less powerful as a result. Furthermore, a lithium battery weighs 25% less than an alkaline battery, lasts much longer, and performs better in hot and cold temperatures.


Can I use a rechargeable 9V battery with FISH WINCH® electric spinning reels?
Only use lithium 9V rechargeable batteries if you choose to use a rechargeable battery (performance will vary from brand to brand). Rechargeable alkaline 9V batteries perform poorly, do not last long, and should not be used with FISH WINCH® as they will hinder performance and cause your FISH WINCH® to run slower and be less powerful.

Can FISH WINCH® electric spinning reels be used with only one hand?
FISH WINCH® plus the Shimano Quick Fire II trigger system allow for fishing (casting & retrieving) with only one hand.

Why do you offer two (2) different models of
FISH WINCH® for spinning reels?
Each model has a different retrieve speed to accommodate various fishing styles & lure presentation. Our "80" equals 1.25 handle turns per second (crankbaits, swimbaits, etc) and the "95" equals 1.50 handle turns per second (spinners, spinnerbaits, etc).

What size fishing rod do you recommend using with
FISH WINCH® 2500 electric spinning reels?
We prefer a 6' fishing pole with light, medium-light, or medium power (action).


Is the FISH WINCH® 2500 waterproof?

No, it is not waterproof. However, it is water resistant. If exposed to significant amounts of water (submersion, heavy rain, etc) turn the motor to a vertical position to allow any water to drain out.

Don't see your question here?
email us, use our Contact Form, or call (910) 470-2888.

Matthew 4:19 - Jesus said to them, "Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men."




  • Mono

  • Braid

  • Drag

  • Feature










Syncopate SC2500FG

Syncopate SC2500FG

1.25 HTPS (3.3 FPS)
(Crankbaits, Swimbaits, etc)

1.50 HTPS (4.1 FPS)
(Spinners, Spinnerbaits, etc)

FISH WINCH® Electric Spinning Reel - Big Carp

FISH WINCH® 2500 Electric Spinning Reel

FISH WINCH® Electric Spinning Reel - Big Catfish



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Electric overhead reel
Battery electric spinning reel
Motorized automatic fishing reel
Handicapped disabled fishing reel on a fishing rod


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FISH WINCH® EZ fishing reel for the disabled


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