SS Stainless Steel Gear Sleeve for Penn 6/0, 9/0, 114, 114H, 114HL, 114HSP, 115, 115L, 114HLW, 6/0 (red), and 6/0 (black)
113H2 114H2 115L2 Stainless Gear Sleeve.
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FISH WINCH 2.0 electric fishing reel
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FISH WINCH® Commercial




FISH WINCH® electric fishing reel motors convert 284 different Penn, Shimano, Daiwa, Avet, and other reels into powerful electric reels. FISH WINCH® also has the industry's longest warranty. FISH WINCH® powered conventional reels are great for bottom fishing, deep dropping, & trolling and can also be used to pull dredges, teasers, or retrieve kites. FISH WINCH® cordless electric spinning reels are well suited for those with use of only one hand or arm and those that may be physically challenged, disabled, or otherwise handicapped in some way. See below for more information.

handicapped and disabled adaptive electr

FISH WINCH® 2.0 converts 224 different PennShimano, Daiwa, Avet, & other reels into very powerful electric fishing reels with retrieve speeds of 314-532 feet per minute. Ideal for grouper, tilefish, halibut, and lingcod or trolling for dolphin and wahoo.

FISH WINCH® 2500 converts 3 different Shimano spinning reels into easy-to-use electric fishing reels. They're usable with only one hand (casting & retrieving), weigh only 6.2oz, & are semi-cordless! Great for bass, walleye, trout, panfish, perch, and many others.

Fits 224 different reels

Industry's Longest

Industry's Longest

Fits 3 different reels



Very Powerful


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Extremely Powerful

Very Quiet

Industry's Longest

Fits 99 different reels

FISH WINCH® Commercial converts 99 different Penn, Shimano, Avet, Daiwa, & other reels into extremely powerful electric reels with retrieve speeds of 315-550 feet per minute. Designed for daytime swordfishing, big tuna, and commercial fishing.

FISH WINCH® 4000 for spinning reels converts 3 different Shimano reels into cordless electric fishing reels. They're usable with only one hand (casting & retrieving), weigh only 10oz, & cordless! Suitable for most freshwater and light (inshore) saltwater fishing.


Fits 3 different reels

Industry's Longest

Very Lightweight


FISH WINCH® Stainless Steel Gear Sleeves

Matthew 4:19 - Jesus said to them, "Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men."


FISH WINCH® stainless steel gear (bridge) sleeves are machined from solid 304SS (superior corrosion resistance versus those 

made of 416SS). These are direct replacements for the stock brass gear sleeves of select Penn and Daiwa reels (Made in USA).


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